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The Brooke of Fashion is a fashion and lifestyle blog that I started back in 2012. Since the beginning it has changed in various ways but the core value has stayed the same, it is a place of inspiration where those who love fashion, travel, decor and more can enjoy it together. We couldn't travel without the beautiful planet that we live on, and taking care of it to ensure its survival is just something we should do. End of. Therefore, at The Brooke Of Fashion we try, where we can, to find brands and clothes that are sustainable in some way; be it vintage, up-cycled, recycled or eco friendly there are so many avenues in which it is easy to shop more sustainably so we are committed to showing you these avenues and reducing the stigma related to sustainable fashion by bringing you fabulous, affordable, sustainable brands.

About The Creator 

My name is Emily, and I currently reside . . . Well nowhere as I am travelling Europe until I return back to London in October. I started TBOF as a way to share my passion and to this day just want to inspire and be inspired by those who share my loves for fashion and the beautiful world around us. My style is an amalgamation of everything, and what I like to call gypsy-rock. By this I mean, I am more than happy pairing a bohemian paisley print top with faux-leather trousers and some espadrilles and calling it a day. Take what you will from that. If you want to know more about my style and see what I shop then head over to the shop page. 

The Friends


This is Lily, best friend and wise guru. She is one of the most articulate and interesting people I've  ever met and if she's not reading or drawing then I'm probably distracting her. Her style is made predominantly of three thing: black, velvet and glitter. Unfortunately, while I write this from Amsterdam she is back at home, but will be joining me around Europe in the coming weeks.


And finally this is Sammy, also best friend and crazy adventurer. She is travelling with me for the 3 months we are around Europe, so

you will be seeing lots of Sammy in the coming months. Her style is what I would call casual-chic, with relaxed and comfortable pieces and always perfect hair.


I do not claim to be a sustainability saint, and will be the first to admit that much of what I buy (and share on the blog,) is not sustainable, because at the current stage of my life both geographically and financially (I'm still a student) it is near impossible to be. But TBOF is not telling you be a saint, if we can find sustainable shops and brands that we love it doesn't just change our shopping choice once it becomes a shopping habit, and all of us together can help make a difference.  If you are a brand with a sustainable ethos and you'd like to work with us just head over to the contact page, and I'm sure we can work something out together.      
Thank you so much for visiting our blog, I hope you find inspiration.
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