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Budget Guide To Berlin

Travel Blog - Budget Guide Berlin 
As promised here is my budget guide to Berlin, a little handy help for anyone who fancies seeing this beautiful city but like me has a budget. As we were only in Berlin for 6 days, this guide obviously doesn't cover everything (unlike Amsterdam Berlin is not so much a walking city) but I have tried my best to give you an insight into our trip and my best recommendations based on what we did. I hope you enjoy!

Where to Stay
Air Bnb - For a few of our Europe locations (the longer duration ones) Air Bnb has been our choice of accommodation and I would definitely recommend this if you are travelling as a group. It may spring to mind as a more expensive option than a hostel, for example, but by pooling your money together as a group you can actually get a great place all to yourselves and feel like a local, for the same amount of money. Proof? Our lovely apartment (which slept 4 people) was approx. £50 per night, which works out the same price as a hostel in the area, and it was all to us. Need more convincing? Using my discount code EMILYB3177 you can get £25 off your first Air Bnb stay.
Hostel - For the budget traveller hostels are the main source of accommodation, and although I highly recommend them, my biggest piece of advice would be to do your research! There are some fabulous hostels out there but there are also some, let's just say, not so nice ones. So before booking any hostel, or in fact any accommodation look heavily into the reviews to see not only if it's nice, but if it's the right fit for you. Hostel world have a great system which shows you, out of 10, a rating of each factor of the hostel (for example: location, security, atmosphere) so you can find one tailored to you.
Hotel - For the budget traveller hotels are not really an option. However, if you do find you have a little bit of extra doe (maybe like us you have been cheap eating) then I recommend Hotel Zoe. Right in the centre of Berlin next to Hackescher Markt, you could not find a better location with an amazing strip of pubs, restraunts and bars right outside the door. The tipping point of this hotel though, is the rooftop terrace. Although the drinks are a bit pricey (it's a nice hotel after all) they are well worth the view. Tip: Head up there about 7/8 to secure a nice spot but stay for hours; We stayed up there for 4 hours to watch the sunset over Berlin, and boy is it a view.
Budget Guide To Berlin
What To Do
Fernsehturm Tower - One of the tallest buildings in Europe, with a 360° panoramic view of the city, this tower is a must-see when in Berlin. When at the top they have a beautiful bar, featuring some great classic cocktails (my favorite Sex on the Beach) and to make things even better with your Welcome card you get 25% discount on the tower and €10 discount at the bar.
Segway Tours - By far the best thing we did in Berlin these Segway tours are a fantastic way to see the city, meet some lovely likeminded people and have quality fun on a Segway. The Welcome Card comes in use here again too, with another 25% discount, so if you weren't convinced on the card, then this should be the tipping point.
Berlin Wall - Although like many great things to see in Berlin this sight is featured on the Segway tour. However . . . My recommendation would be to take your own time out to go and see the Berlin Wall for yourself, to really appreciate it and give yourself enough time to soak it all in, because although you do get it on the Segways it's not that extensive. For walkers: If your looking for a nice route to see and learn about the wall in depth start from around Mauerpark (maybe grab a burger from The Bird) walk down past Volkspark, to Chausseestra├če and follow that road all the way down to Checkpoint Charlie.  
Budget Guide to Berlin
Where To Eat
Well . . . This one is down to personal preference.
German - If your looking for something German visit one of the many Currywurst stalls and shops around the city, no point telling you where as you will find it hard not to find them.
American - The Bird is famous for its American style burgers, and has had recognition all over Prague and is even featured on quite a few of the tourist maps, so if you love a good burger, this is the place to go.
Italian - If your looking for great Italian food cooked to your preference right in front of you the Vapiano is the place for you. With fresh pasta being made all day, and at least 5 stations of chefs ready to take your order and make it an Italian dream, I can't recommend this place enough for both its freshness and its price. For lacties, gluties, veggies and vegans: Vapianos new menu has not only gluten-free and lactose-free items but a selection of vegan options (here's a food blogger review), so there really is something for everyone. There are so many options, Berlin being the huge city it is, so whatever your feeling in the mood for have a wander around and I am sure something will take your fancy.

So that was my budget guide to Berlin, if you want anymore information about stuff that maybe I haven't include don't hesitate to contact me and ask away . . . 
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  1. I've never been to Berlin before, but I would definitely use your guide in the future my dear!


    1. Aw thank you my love!! I definitely recommend it, beautiful city with a rich history :)




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