Tuesday, July 12

Find Comfort In Lace

Comfort is essential when travelling. End of. Don't get me wrong I love getting dressed up and going out as much as the next person, but when your travelling around new city and have a limited amount of time to explore, the priority it getting around and seeing it and on a budget that requires comfort. For most of our wanderings around Amsterdam we have walked as it's a city with such beauty you can't not, and student budget travelling doesn't exactly cover luxury travel, however Uber has been the saviour every now and again. 

Now for the outfit. These Nike shoes are possibly the comfiest shoes my feet have ever encountered, and unfortunately they aren't mine. I mean love my trainers, they do the job, but these (owned by the beautiful Sammy) feel like running on clouds and are the cutest colour so big recommendation of these shoes if you're looking for a great investment. Additionally, continuing the comfort-fest I have to talk about this top from Fabletics  Last year when I purchased my new running gear from Fabletics I shared the news with you as at £22 it was an absolute bargain! A year on and I give them the same fabulous review I did back then, except with a more informed perspective. The quality hasn't worn over the time and still looks as good as when I got them, and the top is so versatile I have worn it on countless occasions completely unrelated to fitness. Now to the bralet. . . My favourite of the outfit. This particular one is from American Eagle but Asos and Boohoo both do great ranges. The jewellery are Sammy's unique little finds from Amsterdam Market as we went vintage shopping, but I have tried to find similar items if you do feel inspired.  

I would love to know what your go to comfort outfit is, so leave a comment and tell me more . . . (I'm nosey.)

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Top - Fabletics // Lace Bralet - American Eagle // Jeans - Next // Earrings - Amsterdam Market (Similar Here) // Bag - Topshop (Similar Here)  // Ring - Amsterdam Market // Shoes - Nike 

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Emily & Sammy



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