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4 Fashion & Travel Blogger You Need To Know

I can, and often do, sit for hours on end reading through other people's blogs and scrolling through Pinterest. Not because I have to, or because I am a blogger and think I should, but because I simply love it. There's nothing better than finding a blog that you love and can immerse yourself into, transporting you to another place (in my case usually a sunnier place) and inspiring you in so many ways. Even now on my travels, while sitting having my morning coffee in our house in Amsterdam, I have found time to have a search through the blog world and see what gems I can find. 

I have rounded up 4 of my favourite fashion and travel blogs, and every week will be sharing a new favourite of mine somewhere on the blog or social media as part of #BlogWatchWednesday to show you how awesome the blogging world is, and to inspire you to explore and see what blogger buddies there are out there. 

Tuula is top of my blog favorites list at the moment, just simply because every picture feels like a dream. Each place, each outfit, each gorgeous sunset is shown in its most beautiful light, and a blog that can capture that much beauty in one place has to be top of the list.

Oracle fox is more than just a blog which to me is one of its most enticing qualities. Although the beauty of the blogs content is undeniable, the added Journal section of the blog, acts as a portfolio and creative agency showcasing highly editorial campaigns which as a publishing and marketing geek I find very exciting and beautifully innovative. Definitely worth checking out.

"A never ending road trip." That's the dream, right? Well this dream is the life of Kiara Schwartz, editor of Tobruck Ave. A beautiful mix of high fashion and relaxed travel posts this blog is ideal for the traveller and the fashion fiend alike, and definitely worth a view. Once you look you'll stay a while . . .


With a diary-like atmosphere but high quality beauty Euriental by Kamara Harding is a loveable, all be it jealousy-infusing blog that captivates the eyes and the mind.

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  1. So fabulous bloggers.
    Interesting and fun.
    Do you want us to follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin'?

    1. They are fabulous, yeah sure no problem :)



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