Thursday, June 16

Travelling for 3 Months: What to take

Hello wonderful people,

I am in an extremely good mood today, and have been for the past week to be honest, mostly due to the fact that it is less than 20 days to go before I set off!! For those of you that don't know, from the first of July I am going to be travelling around Europe for 3 months and as you may be able to tell I am very excited about it. I plan to keep you up all up-dated on where my feet are wandering and show you the beautiful places I visit (new additions to the blog are coming soon) so make sure you keep up to date with Bloglovin' and the rest of the social media shiizz. . . you know the drill. 

For now I want to share with you my version of how to prepare for travelling for 3 months. I found planning for this an experience in itself as I'm quite spontaneous and have never had to think, let alone plan, so far ahead. Especially the clothes. As a fashion blogger, and just generally a human being I do not pack light, so deciding what specific clothes to take was tricky. 
Tip 1: The key is versatility. You need pieces that will all work together as, lets be honest they are all going to at some point. Tip 2: Think comfort first.

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  1. Omg that'll be so exciting!! But also a little bit stressful..;/

    Wish you all the best dear!<3

  2. I find it really hard to pack light when I travel especially if I'm travelling to destinations that have a big range of temperatures. I know layering is supposed to be the key but sometimes when the layered look is brought down to its first layer it doesn't always look as good. Anyway, good luck with your trip, I hope everything runs smoothly for you :)

  3. Such a great post! Thanks for sharing!
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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