Monday, January 25

St Lucia

It has been about a month since I got back from St Lucia but it feels like forever ago. Probably mostly due to the fact that it is so damn cold here, and I am craving the blue skies and sunshine.

Anyway, I want to finally share with you the rest of my amazing travel to St Lucia, which if you have never been is basically heaven on earth. I stayed in this incredible place called The Body Holiday which claim "Give us your body for a week and we will give you back your mind" and they aren't lying. Not only was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, but the food, the activities, the spa, the people everything was an absolute delight and am already planning going back.

Me, my Dad and my brother attempting to yoa on the beach. Yoga was a large part of this holiday and was part of our day, pretty much everyday. In between eating, sunbathing, eating again, massages, workouts and then even more eating.

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