Monday, December 14

The Best Unconventional Festive Frocks

With Christmas and New Years being right around the corner, the parties are coming and if (like me) you haven't bought an outfit yet, then never fear I have you covered. But before I show you some gorgeous dresses I want to explain my reason for leaving the party dress shopping this late. .

It is a combination of the fact that a) I haven't had anytime, which I am sure many of you can relate too, and b) there has been nothing grabbing me. I feel like the Christmas party dress selections are becoming more and more predictable and I for one am boooooored of it. But luckily Nasty Gal is here to save the day as always, calling to my needs, so I have chosen some gorgeous outfits to show you that don't scream conventional christmas party dress, but will add a little heat to your winter festivities. 

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Added budget tip: If you want to avoid the "typical" christmas dress and can't afford a new one then avoid the cliche colours like red, green and pure silver. 

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