Tuesday, November 17


Hey Guys,

As you may know I have recently joined the Disorder Magazine team and am very pleased to say that my first article went up this week. In tribute to this I wanted to tell (and show) you the hub of music and fashion culture that is Disorder.

So . . . . What is Disorder? Disorder is a fashion and music magazine, focusing on what is on the streets. Now don’t get me wrong I love magazines like Vogue (I have a subscription for gods sake) but unlike Vogue, and similar magazines Disorder has an edge, and it is this edge and love for the unconventional that is so captivating and inherently moreish. I could sit and read them for hours (and yes I have done that) as each page is filled with more quality content. Be it interviews with up and coming bands, quality editorials, or simply the street style section, which I must admit is my highlight every time, it is a real page-turner that you don’t want to end.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to end! Disorder’s website offers all the latest articles, and more quality content that you won’t even find in the issues (including my article, just saying) so I highly recommend a look. 

My first article is about a fantastic fashion illustrator and good friend of mine Mirabelle Taylor-Cummings. She is exceptionally talented and has such a unique style as you will witness below and I definitely recommend checking out the article to see more of her wonderful work.

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