Monday, October 12

The 70's Trends That You Do (And Don't) Want To Try

As I spoke about a few weeks ago this seasons' catwalks were flooded with influences from the past, and this is definitely something to rejoice! However, with all these blasts from the past I thought it a good idea to show which 70's trends to bring back and which to leave behind (I mean well behind.)

To me this photo perfectly describes the problem that could arise from the 70's trend throwback . . . 

The woman on the right has got an outfit which I could definitely see Kylie Jenner working in a instagram gym selfie; The man on the left however, has an outfit that, well, put it this way if I ever saw a man in denim shorts as tight as that, no matter if it's Channing Tatum or James Franco, I'm running the other way!

So which trends to follow which to not? I am here to guide you through. (Spoiler: Some of them are very amusing!)


1.  The Crochet Bikini



Captivating at its best, elegant at its worst, this trend can do no wrong. With bloggers such as Fashion Influx and Enjoy The Kiss being among the many to get on board with this trend, as well as shops such as Free People,  Forever 21 and Style Addict this is definitely a thing, and you need to invest. . now.

2. Shrink Tops


Now this trend is one that I hope does not reappear! I mean yes, a nice crop jumper can liven up an outfit but if it has the worst neckline ever, and gives you the appearance of wearing a child's top then send it back to the 70's.

P.s. If I ever have a green knitted boat jumper somebody please help me.

3. High Waisted Pants



 Although technically not pants, these examples of swimwear show perfectly this trend. Although "granny panties" is how they are commonly remembered I will argue that there is nothing "grannyish" about these lot. I think that high-waisted pants create a gorgeous silhouette and are definitely something that you need to have in you wardrobe.

4. Couples Outfits


There is much to be said for the couples outfit. I can see the idea behind it, being a cute couple, and that is a really nice thought . . .  but in reality it looks sort of like a weird twin thing that was never quite grown out of. Maybe a cute set of christmas jumpers is acceptable for a brief period over christmas but other than that lets leave the matching outfits. Please.

5. White Shoes



 Ok so white shoes aren't for every outfit but they are a killer if done right! Some great examples given by Viva Luxury, and Wendy's Lookbook show white shoes are not a trend that the 70's should feel guilty for but one we should celebrate. They can class up an outfit in a second and with an endless variety there is no excuses for not getting involved with this one.

I hope you enjoyed my 70's throwback and thank you for reading!




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