Monday, October 19

Comfort Comes First - By Lily

Hey everyone,

As you may know from visiting our about page there are two of us behind TBOF, and although she is usually the one behind the camera today we wanted to show you more of her style. So I will hand over to her and let her tell you about herself. . .

Helloo, it's Lily. The outfit I'm wearing in this shoot is more colourful than my everyday all-black attire however I thought that I would expand from my usual look for this occasion. The Pink Floyd top is from Urban Outfitters (Pink Floyd are my faves) but unfortunately sold out, and the jeans are from some vintage shop. The shoes are Adidas trainers which I actually bought for PE in year 7 but hey, if it's not broken don't fix it. 
I'm not sure whether I have a set style, what I wear varies a lot (usually based on what I can find in the morning) and at the moment that consists of wearing comfy, baggy clothes which can hopefully still be considered fashionable. Comfort is definitely needed in any everyday outfit - especially in this stressful year of A levels, school is bad enough without being uncomfortable. There are still ways to be comfortable and not look like you rolled in to school straight out of bed though: 
  • Wear jewellery - it doesn't take away from the comfort and it looks great.
  • Wear something sparkly - this is my fashion rule, if you're wearing something sparkly you probably look great.
  • Do your hair nicely - it gives the illusion that you made some sort of effort in the morning. 

Thanks for reading, hopefully you now have a better idea on how to wear comfortable clothes while still looking amazing (a great skill to have in life, obviously).

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