Monday, October 26

Mad Hatter Make-up Tutorial

Hey guys,

I am continuing the halloween theme with another make-up tutorial today, also Alice and Wonderland, however this time it is the Mad Hatter that we will be focusing on. This video is my first Youtube video, as I have just launched my channel so if you could go and subscribe that would be fab. I will be posting lookbooks,  more make-up tutorials and much more so if that sounds like your sort of thing then head on over here.

Anyway . . back to the video. This is my take on the Mad Hatter.

Let me know what you think!



Friday, October 23

Simple Queen Of Hearts Make-Up


The time is upon us, get out the fake blood and copious amounts of make-up, as halloween is nearing! I love halloween and think as we only get to do it once a year, might as well go all out, put some effort in. This year me and my friends are coordinating to be Alice Undead In Wonderland and I am the Queen of Hearts.

So here is my Queen of Hearts make-up which I have done as a practice, and to show you a quick costume that is simple to create. I will be posting videos of how to create this look along with some other halloween inspired make-up next week, for now here is a sneek peek, and things you will need to get you prepared.

You will need: 
  • A base foundation, preferably lighter than your skin (white face paint works just as well depending how far you want to take it.)
  • Contour kit 
  • Blue Eyeshadow
  • Light blue eyeshadow
  • Red Face paint
  • A sponge
  • Purple Face paint / dark red
  • Black Liquid Eyeliner
  • Red/pink lip liner
  • Red/pink lipstick
  • Eyebrow pencil or creme tint

Thanks for reading


Monday, October 19

Comfort Comes First - By Lily

Hey everyone,

As you may know from visiting our about page there are two of us behind TBOF, and although she is usually the one behind the camera today we wanted to show you more of her style. So I will hand over to her and let her tell you about herself. . .


Monday, October 12

The 70's Trends That You Do (And Don't) Want To Try

As I spoke about a few weeks ago this seasons' catwalks were flooded with influences from the past, and this is definitely something to rejoice! However, with all these blasts from the past I thought it a good idea to show which 70's trends to bring back and which to leave behind (I mean well behind.)

To me this photo perfectly describes the problem that could arise from the 70's trend throwback . . . 

The woman on the right has got an outfit which I could definitely see Kylie Jenner working in a instagram gym selfie; The man on the left however, has an outfit that, well, put it this way if I ever saw a man in denim shorts as tight as that, no matter if it's Channing Tatum or James Franco, I'm running the other way!

So which trends to follow which to not? I am here to guide you through. (Spoiler: Some of them are very amusing!)


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