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How To Get What Exactly What You Want From Your Life

Getting exactly what you want from life is hard, but recently I have realised that getting what you want is not the hardest part, the hardest part is knowing exactly what you want. I am at a point in my life where I think I know what I want but then a month later it has changed, (admittedly I am a very indecisive person) but it is because there are so many factors that can cloud our vision and stop us from getting what we actually want. There's societies ideas on what we should want, your parents ideas of what you want, what your friends want, all these things can misrepresent and cloud us from happiness so I am going to tell you 5 ways knowing what you want, so you can start getting what you want.

1. Always sleep on it - If you have a big decision to make, a good way to find out what you want is by sleeping on it. I find that my deepest and truest thinking happens late at night when I am in bed, so do this and you will be able to get a clearer vision of what you want.

2. Map it out - So many people will be going about in their life feeling drained, emotionally physically or spiritually, purely because they have not mapped out what they want. Sit and think of your dream whatever it is, and actually plan it your head as it if was a process. What are the steps you would take to get there and when you get there is that want you want? If you go through all this and realise that any of those stages will not make you happy then do not do it. Life is for happiness, don't be illogical. 

3. Don't listen to "should" - Sometimes it is ourselves that can hold us back. There are so many things which we think we "should" do, but eventually, in order to get what you want from your life you need stop listening to what you should do and do what you want to do. 

4. Think Deeper - Sometimes to figure out what you truly want you have to peel back the layers, and go back to your true values. If what your doing (or want to do) doesn't fit with them then it won't make you happy. So don't do it. 

5. Believe in the power of you - You are the most powerful person in your life, your greatest asset, but you can also be the biggest block in the road. There will be many people in your life who wil try and knock you down, so do not let yourself stand in the way too. Believe in the power of yourself and how awesome you are, even if at first you don't think it, and you can accomplish anything.

"The mind is everything. What you think, you become." - Buddha

Thank you for reading!

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