Wednesday, July 22

Summer Style Part 4: Threadsence

Back again with Part 4 of the 6 part Summer Series and I must confess I am really enjoying scouring through such fantastic shops to pick some fabulous, and relaxed clothes. My style has been evolving over the past few months, and this evolution was thrusted by a realisation in June. It was my uncles wedding and I wore a simple red dress (I plan on posting all the pictures from the wedding soon) and I realized that it was the third time in the entire 6 months of the year that I had got my legs out. I know! It seems ridiculous to say but I just have never been someone who got their legs out that much, and with the weather being pretty miserable (and cold) here a lot of the time it just never really happens. Skinny jeans were my haven.

But not anymore!

I have made a Half-way-through-the-year Resolution to myself that I am not allowed to wear skinny jeans more than 3 times a week, leaving myself free to explore other choices and get 'dem legs out. Therefore, I am in need of some serious shopping therapy and this summer series is really doing the trick. Todays shop is Threadsence and they ave a fantastic selection, hence todays shopspiration is a BIG one.

I hope you enjoy!










Shorts & Skirts



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