Monday, July 20

Summer Style Part 3: Gypsan

Happy Monday Everyone,

Part 3 is here, and today is all about the lace. There is lace in every category today and I think this beautifully illustrates my summer style this year, light and floaty, with intricate detail combining simple elegance and complex layering. Today's shop is Gypsan a beautifully bohemian company that offer high quality boho clothing at a reasonable price.  I must admit that my fondness for this shop grew the more I looked into them; With an ethos for responsible production most of their clothing is made in the US and human rights and environmental regulations are well respected making this shop good for the soul as well as your wardrobe.

But wait it still gets better . . . Gypsan believe in giving back to the community and 5% of their net profits every year go to charity (currently Women for Women International) and this will only continue to grow the more they do. So if you weren't convinced by just the clothes, then there is 2 great reasons to take a little peek around their shop and get summer inspired.




Tops & Tees







Something which you may know about me is that I love gemstones and crystals, so when I saw that they had a section of their store for this I was on it quicker than . . . well anything. So for others who share this love I have added my favourite crystals too.


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