Thursday, July 16

Summer Style Part 1: Three Bird Nest

Recently I have been having a major online shopping binge (hey, we all have them), but within this I have been discovering some awesome brands which I am eager to share with you. Around the summer time my style goes much more bohemian; lighter colours, lighter fabrics and generally more free and relaxed vibe. Additionally with all this scare about skinny jeans being bad for your health, I think it seems appropriate to source other trouser styles. I mean I know they say fashion is pain but not like that.

These 6 brands accommodate this summers style to a tee, and I am eager to share with you, so every other day I will be sharing with you my favourite items, from each category, from these wonderful new shops. I want to show you stuff that is different, something you maybe wouldn't usually go for, a classic with a twist, to make your style as unique as your summer.

Tops & Tees 

Summer Lace + Gauze Kaftan // Grey Graphic Pineapple Tank // I woke Up Like This Tank











Thank you for reading and make you stay up to date on Bloglovin for the rest of the 6 parts series.




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