Thursday, July 9

Review: Trish McEvoy Lip Colour

I'm not usually a fan of lipstick, it has just never really been my thing, and when I do wear it, it is usually a darker colour (and borrowed from my friend Sammy.) However, I got this as a present and thought I would give it a go, review it from the perspective of a complete lipstick amateur and at the same time develop my lipstick skills (which I seriously lack in.)

This Trish McEvoy lip colour  normally retails at around £18, and in all honesty it is a brand I hadn't heard of. Despite this, the packaging is really nice with a quilted effect giving the kind of luxurious feel that I would expect from something worth nearly $30. This quality continues to the casing, a robust case with a slick feel - and on a side note I love the simplistic branding of this company.

As mentioned bright colours aren't usually my thing but the rich hues in this colour are vibrant yet not overpowering which is a great balance to find. I hate lipsticks that look like you should be wiping them off your forehead after your Great Aunt has kissed you - not nice. Anyway . . it has a great consistency making it easy to apply, even for a lipstick amateur like myself, and after a few dabs it doesn't leave much residue so won't make your boyfriend wear it too.

Verdict? I like it, even as a sceptic. It may be a bit more expensive than other brands like L'Oreal, Rimmel London or Maybelline but it is a quality product and definitely something I would but if I was treating myself.

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