Tuesday, July 28

Summer Style Part 6: Planet Blue

The last piece of the series is here, and today I have chosen a wonderful shop called Planet Blue. I have only managed to give you glimpse of the wonders that they do so definitely check out their website so you can see for yourself. Because their selection is so incredible, I will let the clothes do the talking on this one.





Saturday, July 25

Summer Style Part 5: Prism Boutique

Hey guys,

Back again with Part 5 of the Summer Style Series. Todays shop is Prism Boutique a shop which I love for its unapologetically cool clothing, models and general vibe. It is a boho haven for free spirited women who are looking for modern twists on classic boho fabrics and cuts. Offering everything from dresses to shoes, jewellery to intimates, they have it all and they aren't afraid to flaunt it. From this fantastic selection I have chosen my faves for you, so sit back and enjoy!

Have a great Saturday!



Wednesday, July 22

Summer Style Part 4: Threadsence

Back again with Part 4 of the 6 part Summer Series and I must confess I am really enjoying scouring through such fantastic shops to pick some fabulous, and relaxed clothes. My style has been evolving over the past few months, and this evolution was thrusted by a realisation in June. It was my uncles wedding and I wore a simple red dress (I plan on posting all the pictures from the wedding soon) and I realized that it was the third time in the entire 6 months of the year that I had got my legs out. I know! It seems ridiculous to say but I just have never been someone who got their legs out that much, and with the weather being pretty miserable (and cold) here a lot of the time it just never really happens. Skinny jeans were my haven.

But not anymore!

I have made a Half-way-through-the-year Resolution to myself that I am not allowed to wear skinny jeans more than 3 times a week, leaving myself free to explore other choices and get 'dem legs out. Therefore, I am in need of some serious shopping therapy and this summer series is really doing the trick. Todays shop is Threadsence and they ave a fantastic selection, hence todays shopspiration is a BIG one.

I hope you enjoy!




Monday, July 20

Summer Style Part 3: Gypsan

Happy Monday Everyone,

Part 3 is here, and today is all about the lace. There is lace in every category today and I think this beautifully illustrates my summer style this year, light and floaty, with intricate detail combining simple elegance and complex layering. Today's shop is Gypsan a beautifully bohemian company that offer high quality boho clothing at a reasonable price.  I must admit that my fondness for this shop grew the more I looked into them; With an ethos for responsible production most of their clothing is made in the US and human rights and environmental regulations are well respected making this shop good for the soul as well as your wardrobe.

But wait it still gets better . . . Gypsan believe in giving back to the community and 5% of their net profits every year go to charity (currently Women for Women International) and this will only continue to grow the more they do. So if you weren't convinced by just the clothes, then there is 2 great reasons to take a little peek around their shop and get summer inspired.




Thursday, July 16

Summer Style Part 1: Three Bird Nest

Recently I have been having a major online shopping binge (hey, we all have them), but within this I have been discovering some awesome brands which I am eager to share with you. Around the summer time my style goes much more bohemian; lighter colours, lighter fabrics and generally more free and relaxed vibe. Additionally with all this scare about skinny jeans being bad for your health, I think it seems appropriate to source other trouser styles. I mean I know they say fashion is pain but not like that.

These 6 brands accommodate this summers style to a tee, and I am eager to share with you, so every other day I will be sharing with you my favourite items, from each category, from these wonderful new shops. I want to show you stuff that is different, something you maybe wouldn't usually go for, a classic with a twist, to make your style as unique as your summer.

Tops & Tees 


Monday, July 13


Hey guys,

If you didn't already know (which you probably didn't) yesterday was Simplicity Day, which inspired me to show you some simple outfits but with a twist. I have chosen 1 simple plain white cami top (simply £10 from Topshop) and created 5 different outfits from it, to show you that simple doesn't have to be boring. I find that the simple things are some of the greatest pleasures in life and wanted to share my love for simplicity with you.


Thursday, July 9

Review: Trish McEvoy Lip Colour

I'm not usually a fan of lipstick, it has just never really been my thing, and when I do wear it, it is usually a darker colour (and borrowed from my friend Sammy.) However, I got this as a present and thought I would give it a go, review it from the perspective of a complete lipstick amateur and at the same time develop my lipstick skills (which I seriously lack in.)

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