Wednesday, June 24

Relax . . . It's In The Sale

Hey Gals,

Sorry I have been so absent recently, exam stress got the better of me. But they are over (mini celebration!) and I will not have to revise again for at least the next 2 years of my life so this is a wonderful day. However, the most exciting part of this news is that I have so much time to shop!

I have been trawling through the sales since my exams have finished, and it has to be said I am impressed with the sales that are on at the moment (I mean River Island 50% off, who could resist?) I have hand picked my faves from a variety of my favourite shops but the best part is that every single item is in the sale so you won't damage your purse too much.

Happy shopping ladies and make sure you stay up to date on social media (and Bloglovin) as I have some exciting news and some exciting projects coming soon (maybe even some discounts but shh. . .)

Click to shop :)

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Wednesday, June 3

Shop: Prom Dresses

Hi Gals,

Recently I have been swept up in exam stress and the months have just flown by . . I mean it's June. Where did it go?  Anyway with this recent acknowledgement of the world, I have realized that I need to start thinking about getting a  prom dress. One of my friends has been asking me for months if I have one yet but I just haven't been thinking about it, until now.

I have decided to de-stress from exams by going on an online window shop for prom dresses. I decided to show you a few of my favourites from a fantastic store called Fame and Partners who do the most beautiful dresses as you will be able to see for yourself.

Happy Shopping!

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