Tuesday, May 26

Nasty Gal: Swimsuit up

1. £98.53 // 2. £39.77 // 3. £25.81 // 4. £193.99 // 5. £25.81 // 6. £30.73 // 7. £69.70 // 8. £48.66 // 9. £63.24 // 10. £67.76 // 11. £112.94 // 12. £38.72  

Which is your favourite? 

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Sunday, May 17

Busy Girls Guide To Slowing Down But Staying Fast

Hello Girls,

I hope you are doing well. I was going to do the cliché blogger thing and tell you that "I'm sorry for my lack of posting" however, I decided against it. I have had the busiest week - art final deadline (done) retake of philosophy (done) driving test (passed) and revising for all  of my other exams, so instead of saying how sorry I am for not posting I have decided to compile some helpful tips to help you slow down and enjoy your time - we only get one life, enjoy it.

Image: Pintrest

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” ~Gandhi


Wednesday, May 6

Reclaim Your Wardrobe

Hellooo Everyone,

As you may know ASOS is one of my favourite places to shop, but recently my love has been hugely greatened by my discovery (probably shouldn't have taken this long to find) of The Green Room. If you don't know what this is then let me explain . . .

The Green Room, created by ASOS is a wonderfully cool edit featuring the hottest labels in sustainable fashion and a range of environmentally friendly textiles which supports both the fair trade principles and encourages the work of craftsman and artisans alike.

To me this discovery is very exciting, sustainable fashion and the gorgeousness of ASOS combined - it is like a dream come true. Now being the fashion-nosey person I am I had to take a good old look at this Green Room and I can tell you, that . . It's awesome. And to prove it I want to show some of my favourites to inspire you to go green (not literally) and take a leaf from the ASOS tree of fashion.

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