Friday, April 17

Forget Coachella. . . Think Glasto!

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So Coachella has been and gone, but don't be sad! The festival magic has begun and its time to look forward and start thinking Glasto. Known for being a cultural hub of music, popular among festival-goers and celebrities alike Glastonbury is a festival to remember, but you need to remember to take a couple of essentials with you other wise it may be a festival you remember for the wrong reasons (like being wet and cold, trust me it's not a nice feeling).

Started in 1970 as a Blues Festival Glastonbury has changed a lot over the years, starting out with just 1,500 attending and the price being £1 including some free milk from the farm. Now with over 120,000 people and it being the a summer essential to many peoples calenders, I want to show you some of the Glastonbury must-haves, so it will be a festival to remember for all the right reasons (even if you don't get any milk.)

1. Wellies

From top left to bottom right: ASOS // ASOS //  Fashion World // Ebay // ASOS // Easy Wellies // Fashion World // ASOS // Alex and Alexa

Known for it's muddy floors, Wellies at Glastonbury are not a fashion choice. But it's up to you how you wear them.

2. Bumbag

From top left to top right: Newlook // Lost Lanes // Skatehut // Zalando // Selfridges // ASOS // Skatehut // ASOS // ASOS

With so many people around and so far to walk back to your tent, you have to keep your essentials on you. You don't want to miss half of a set because you left your sunnies in the tent, do you?

3. Other Stuff You Will Definitely Need

From top left to top right: Waitrose // Leisure Outlet // Spreadshirt // Ebay // Bambuzo // Countrysos // Girlstravelclub // Ebay // Debenhams

There are so many things to remember to bring, and lets face it camping isn't exactly stylish, but hopefully you've found some inspiration to make it feel like glamping but on very small budget. If you are going Glasto for the first time,  I recommend looking at some Glastonbury lists from experienced Glastoers  so you don't feel like a mug when you get there (even if it is a cute mug.) 

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