Wednesday, April 29

Light in the darkness

Hey Guys,

Summer is on it's way and I have started cleaning out my winter stuff (not the cardigans, obviously) and filling it's place with shorts, skirts, crop tops and basically everything that epitomises summer. However, as I write this I am looking out across the beautiful fields at the pouring rain, I'm thinking maybe keep the winter stuff around a bit longer. 

Styled by Lily, this outfit is basically her in a nutshell. High waisted trousers, crop top and . . oh yeah. It's all black!  I love her styling me because it is so different to what I usually wear, but always looks great (follow her instagram to see). These trousers are unbelievably comfortable, which I didn't expect from high-waisted, and this crop top is a steal at under £6, and my usual choker and sunnies to add my touch to the outfit. Hope you like it!


Monday, April 27

My Jewellery Picks: Under £10

Hi everyone,

Where I live it as been really nice weather, however it lasted about 2 days. Now I am left here begging for the sun to come back, wanting something to cheer me up. . . . So I shopped. It can be so hard to find jewellery that I love but at a price that doesn't make me want to cry, but then when I was shopping festival wear (they do a great festival selection too) I popped into the jewellery section of Boohoo - it is what I have been looking for! So many great pieces and at such a great price! So I have put together a collection of my favourite pieces for under £10. Shop 'til you drop!



Wednesday, April 22

Helpful Code for Customising Your Blog

Hey Guys,

As you may know I created the design of the blog completely on my own and I know it can be tricky at first if you don't understand quite what your doing, or how to achieve what you want to achieve. HTML can be a scary thought if you are trying to change your blogs appearance and design so I would like to help you. I have complied a list of some of the most common blog design questions and added how to do it.

Hope this helps you and happy beautiful blogging!


Friday, April 17

Forget Coachella. . . Think Glasto!

Hey guys,

So Coachella has been and gone, but don't be sad! The festival magic has begun and its time to look forward and start thinking Glasto. Known for being a cultural hub of music, popular among festival-goers and celebrities alike Glastonbury is a festival to remember, but you need to remember to take a couple of essentials with you other wise it may be a festival you remember for the wrong reasons (like being wet and cold, trust me it's not a nice feeling).

Started in 1970 as a Blues Festival Glastonbury has changed a lot over the years, starting out with just 1,500 attending and the price being £1 including some free milk from the farm. Now with over 120,000 people and it being the a summer essential to many peoples calenders, I want to show you some of the Glastonbury must-haves, so it will be a festival to remember for all the right reasons (even if you don't get any milk.)

1. Wellies


Monday, April 13

Monochromatic Minimalism

Happy Monday everyone,

Recently I have been had a major case of festival fever, with the Coachella madness reaching me from over the pond, and I'm sure to you wherever you may be. I keep coming up with festival outfits, only to be reminded that I'm not actually at a festival; and wont be for another 3 months. (Sad times, I know.) This outfit is one of these. This cardigan is going to be my festival companion, it is so long and the splits at the back give it such freedom, so I will be able to dance until my feet fall off, and my over-sized white tee is simple and so easy to dress up or down, so day or night it will be on point. For the not-as-warm-as-coachella English weather I have styled with black skinnies and some simple white soled flats, but simply pair with some black shorts and boots for a festival fever outfit. 

Wherever you are, festival bound or not, have a great Monday!


Thursday, April 9

Shop the Trend: 90s

Shop the trend:

Top: Topshop // Trousers: H&M // Glasses: Selfridges (Cheaper alternative here) // Shoes: Office // 
Bag: Amazon // Jumper: Ebay 

Hey guys,

The 90s revival is something I am loving at the moment (thank you Charlie Matheson for the inspiration). High necks, short skirt and shoes big they could trample half of America. Oh and of course, the denim. So much denim. I love the style from the 90s but it can be fair to say that it is a trend that can be difficult to pull off (double denim. Enough said.) However, I want to show you some great ways to wear this trend, and inspire you to take a trip into the past.


Sunday, April 5

Roses in the Grey


Recently, we have been blessed with sunglasses weather, however don't be fooled into thinking this means it is warm . . . hence the fluffy mohair cardigan. This cardigan has been my constant ever since I got it, so warm yet so comfy. The best part though is it is so versatile, it can be paired with literally anything and it looks great, definitely recommend! This top is something I salvaged from a charity shop, it was a massive tee which I cut the sleeves off and created possibly the comfiest top in the world. I have paired it with my classic black jeans and gemstone necklace, which if you know me you probably see on a very regular basis.

Happy Easter Everyone!


Wednesday, April 1

Liebster Award


We have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Soni over at Cocktails and Catwalk. In case you don't know what the Liebster Award is, it is an award for bloggers who are just starting out, finding their reader base, or just because you love their blog; so thank you so much Soni for the nomination. Now the rules are that I have to answer some questions about myself  (well, us) and then we nominate 11 other bloggers. I love meeting new people and discovering new things so I am more than happy to give this a try, plus it gives you guys the chance to know us better! 

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