Monday, March 16

New Blog Launch & Giveaway

Good morning,

I know it is a Monday morning so being cheery is a rarity, however as you can see the blog's transformation is over so hence my joy. I am so happy that you can finally see what I have been working on, feels like it has been forever. 

The other factor contributing to my happy mood this morning is the giveaway! As of  this morning you have the chance to win a gorgeous engraved silver compact mirror, which I have fallen in love with. They are so, so useful and come with a sweet velvet pouch to keep them in. I'm always wary with metal objects like these when you buy them on the internet but I am so happy with them, such good quality and really cute. So. . . you have until 12am Next Saturday night (28th March)  to enter all you have to do is like us on Facebook. Super Simple! (And you can even get more chances by following on Instagram and Blolovin'.)

Good Luck!

The Outfit

I love this jumper, the colour reminds me of being in Bermuda which the sea being this colour everyday. I paired it with my classic go to washed black skinny jeans and a healthy dose of jewellery, including my favourite piece, the mood changing necklace. I like it because it's like a little surprise every time you look at it throughout the day, and the colour is always gorgeous. Just a simple choker to tip it off, and my Sun & Moon earrings which are vintage, as they were my mums which she bought "back in the day" so I can't unfortunately tell you where to get those. Have a wonderful day and I hope the colour of this cheers you up as much as it does me.

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