Friday, March 27

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Hi everyone, it's Lily here and this is my first post of the blog. As you may know, I am working on the blog alongside Emily so we thought that I should introduce you to my style and thoughts. 

Emily and I have quite different everyday style in terms of colour choices, items we wear and accessories; I tend to go for a slightly more gothic look (by that I mean more black). I also love 90s clothing which bodes well for me as it is hugely popular again. The one thing that I own the most of is black chunky heels (I have an addiction to buying them). My current favourite fashion blogger is: Kayla Hadlington.


I am always keen to help the environment/general humanity in whatever way I can (as I'm aiming to get a job involving the preservation of the environment) and fashion is an imbalanced industry which consumes a lot but doesn't give much back. For example, the cotton industry is responsible for 2.3% of global water use. It takes 2600 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans. Water is a necessity of which the demand already exceeds the supply and with so much unsustainable clothing brands manufacturing items (which are most likely to go out of fashion and be thrown away within the next year) is extremely wasteful. The amount of water which the fashion industry uses is one of many unsustainable thing that it does.

In my view, this is why sustainable fashion needs to become more recognised and done by more companies. A couple of major brands such as H&M have brought out sustainable fashion lines however most eco-friendly fashion is extortionately expensive meaning that nobody has the money to buy it (including me).

Now that the serious talking is over, here are some clothes which I have recently found and loved which definitely reflect my style as a whole!  They are relatively affordable so not many come from sustainable brands (as I have no money.)

Asos Marketplace



Free People


Urban Outfitters

This is my outfit right now plus black jeans, you can buy the top from: Sheinside

Source of information about the use of water:


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  1. These picks are amazing, I love how many uses you have with each of them!


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