Tuesday, February 24

The cardigan transition

Hey guys,

As you may know I am a massive lover of, maybe slightly addicted to, cardigans. They are just the perfect amount of warmth and they allow you the freedom of having it on or off in a split second, therefore preparing you for any weather, and in my opinion anything. However, one of the best things about cardigans, is their diversity. So many colours, so many weights, so many lengths, it's an endless array, therefore being the perfect accessory for any mood, and any outfit.

At the moment where I am the weather is unpredicatable; one day its is warmer, and I think Spring is finally here, then the next day its cold and raining (and I am miserable again.) In this spring transition time, the diversity of cardigans is so important to me as you won't know what is coming next . . Bam - Cardigan.

Now since I have babbled on about them for way too long it seems only right to show you some, a mix of weights and styles so you can be prepared for the spring transition and just bask in the joy of having lots of cardigans (it's great).

// ASOS //

// Boohoo //

// Showpo //

Thanks for reading, and stay happy.



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