Friday, February 6

Be the contradiction

Hi guys,

Today's post is all about contradiction. Fashion is full of contradictions, the least of them being us, the people who wear it. This seasons fashion had a very divided approach, the feminine approach taken by designers such as Stella McCartney and the as Vogue called it "punchy, utilitarian persona" taken by designers such as Victoria Beckham, as you may have read in March's Vogue. But this article got me thinking. It asked me to consider which I was, fragility or utility, and I realized that I am neither. Don't get me wrong I love a pretty lace dress as much as the next person, and likewise with a strong chunky pair of boots, but that's just it. I'm both.

Although fashion is full of these seasonal contradictions, the biggest contradiction is me. You. The people who wear and love it. We constantly contradict ourselves seasons to season day by day through mixing of styles, creating not a definitive style, but an ever-changing picture. Fashion is not a photograph, it is a movie, constantly moving never for a second standing still. That's why it is loved by so many of us.

Saying this, there is a bigger contradiction which I find in my life and which you may find in yours. An unspoken contradiction. I will never deny that I love fashion, I love clothes I love everything that encompasses it, but I also love people. People are the best and worst thing on this planet and something that no amount of shoes (as much as we can try) will ever come close to the comfort of an expression of love from another person. This is why I want to end this post by saying something which you wouldn't normally see on a fashion blog. Fashion is amazing, and great and it can bring so many people together, but do not forget, however many designer bags and shoes and coats we have, we will all end in the same place so don't forget about the people around you. Speak to as many people as you can, share as much love as you can. A friend of mine recently said "we're not all perfect, and I don't claim to be but I do everything with the best intentions" and I think that speaks volumes.

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    1. Hey, thank you that's really nice. I will sure check your out :)



  2. Hello Emily!
    Lovely post! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
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  3. Hi Emily,
    Great post. I for one do not conform to the fad. I wear I feel comfortable with. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I adore the way you write! xx


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