Tuesday, February 24

The cardigan transition

Hey guys,

As you may know I am a massive lover of, maybe slightly addicted to, cardigans. They are just the perfect amount of warmth and they allow you the freedom of having it on or off in a split second, therefore preparing you for any weather, and in my opinion anything. However, one of the best things about cardigans, is their diversity. So many colours, so many weights, so many lengths, it's an endless array, therefore being the perfect accessory for any mood, and any outfit.

At the moment where I am the weather is unpredicatable; one day its is warmer, and I think Spring is finally here, then the next day its cold and raining (and I am miserable again.) In this spring transition time, the diversity of cardigans is so important to me as you won't know what is coming next . . Bam - Cardigan.

Now since I have babbled on about them for way too long it seems only right to show you some, a mix of weights and styles so you can be prepared for the spring transition and just bask in the joy of having lots of cardigans (it's great).


Thursday, February 19

Shop the rainbow

Hey guys, 

I have been feeling quite deflated recently, mostly due to the weather, it's crazy how much the weather can effect my mood but it really does. Looking out the window and it's just horrible, drizzly, rainy . .  eughh. But  sitting here on the balcony looking out at the grey blur of sea and sky I decided I needed some colour in my life, and if the universe won't give it to me, then I will give it to you guys. So here are my outfits of the rainbow, to cheer up any miserable days like mine.



Sunday, February 15

Cold & Neutral

Hey guys,

Hope you are all doing well. I don't know what it's like where you are but it has been super cold here recently. Since it's been like this for months though, I am getting pretty used to this chill in the air now, I'm starting to forget that its even there; well a combination of acclimatizing and layering til I look like the Michelin man.  Despite this, I thought I would share with you one of these winter wonders that have been keeping cosy(ish) in the 2 degrees temperatures I have been facing. The coat is my absolute favourite, so long and double lined so pretty good at keeping out the cold, despite the open collar. Luckily my addiction to scarves comes in handy in this instance. 

P.s. I apologize for the no makeup and tied up hair in this shoot, it reflects my recent stress levels I think.

Anyhow, Enjoy.


Wednesday, February 11

Not so Valentine {Inspiration Wednesday}

Hey everyone,

It is Inspiration Wednesday and today I was inspired by Valentines day. Not in the conventional sense, this is a post giving you some "not so valentine" outfit ideas. My reasoning behind this slightly cynical post is because I will be on my own for Valentines day. As much as I love Jonny (my boyfriend) to pieces, I do sometimes hate his job as he is a chef, hence this leaves special occasions boyfriend-less: Christmas day, New Years, and now Valentine's day. So this post is for those of us that do not want to buy into the Valentine stuff this year, I kept it slightly love inspired with burgundy being a feature in all off them, but I cut out the cutesy stuff. This is for the women who will be on their own this Valentines day, whatever the circumstances, and don't want to cry into a box of tissues as the media believes we should.

Comment below with your Valentine plans and whatever you do this Valentines day, have a great one!


Friday, February 6

Be the contradiction

Hi guys,

Today's post is all about contradiction. Fashion is full of contradictions, the least of them being us, the people who wear it. This seasons fashion had a very divided approach, the feminine approach taken by designers such as Stella McCartney and the as Vogue called it "punchy, utilitarian persona" taken by designers such as Victoria Beckham, as you may have read in March's Vogue. But this article got me thinking. It asked me to consider which I was, fragility or utility, and I realized that I am neither. Don't get me wrong I love a pretty lace dress as much as the next person, and likewise with a strong chunky pair of boots, but that's just it. I'm both.

Although fashion is full of these seasonal contradictions, the biggest contradiction is me. You. The people who wear and love it. We constantly contradict ourselves seasons to season day by day through mixing of styles, creating not a definitive style, but an ever-changing picture. Fashion is not a photograph, it is a movie, constantly moving never for a second standing still. That's why it is loved by so many of us.

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