Friday, January 16

That time of year

Hey everyone,

I don't know about you, but for me it is getting to that time of year where I want to start dusting off my summer stuff  and toning up that unwanted mincepie squidgyness, but at the same time need the warmth of the cardigans (yes, I love cardigans) and the comfort of winter food. It is always tricky to dress for this time of year because your brain is out of Christmas mode, no doubt on some new healthy eating and exercise regime, and just waiting for the weather to warm up so you can show the new healthy you. Or at least the same you that is trying to be healthy but failing, if your anything like me.

So in aid of this tricky time of year I have created a 2 part guide:

Firstly, I have come up with my 8 tips of healthier you. It is not an "8 tips for the New Year health kick" because for me that has already surpassed, this is a "8 tips for when you have already failed at your healthy regime" for those of you that still want to be healthier but without having to change your life and still enjoy everything you did before.

Secondly, tomorrow I will be sharing with you a few outfit suggestions to mix the warmth of winter with the style of summer, to give you one less thing to worry about and to share with you a few things that I am super looking forward to buying. The second part of this will be coming tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled on Bloglovin' and visit again tomorrow for this early spring outfit inspiration.

For now I hope you enjoy my tips, and tricks and that they can help you to becoming (slightly) healthier, or just feeling better about yourself.

8 Tips for after the regime

1. Water - It's that cliche tip that everyone always avoids, but trust me. When you go to buy a drink, like Diet Coke (I am a fiend for diet coke) get water instead and it is remarkable the impact that it will have.

2. Take the stairs twice - It sounds weird but when you are at home and you head up the stairs, instead of just going up, go up, down, and then back up. Such a small change but it will work out your thighs a treat and if you do that every time you walk up or down the stairs it adds up!

3. Be realistic - If your anything like me then you will make a serious plan for yourself, really strict exercise regime, strict diet plan, and then by the end of the week I have crumbled. You have to be realistic, if your serious about getting healthier then make it manageable. Adjust small parts in your life over a period of a month and that way you won't bombard yourself and you will slowly forget it was even a change, so that way you won't fall off the wagon.

4. Challenge yourself - I always find that I actually stick to things when I have a challenge (I'm quite competitive) so instead of just mentally saying that you will do a certain exercise do an exercise challenge, for example, the 30 day squat challenge as knowing there is an end goal is likely to motivate you more.

5. Don't beat yourself up - If you try a new health kick, or a new exercise regime and you end up giving in, don't beat yourself up over it. Yes, it takes will power to do these things, but you need to want to do them. If you've given in, likelihood is you just weren't fully committed, you will be able to do it when you're ready, so don't give yourself a hard time, just try again in a few weeks. If you force it, you'll give in.

6. It's the little things - If you'r a coffee or tea lover then you will know that those 2 teaspoons of sugar in every cup adds up. If you'r having 3 cups a day then that is already 96 calories that you are consuming without even really thinking about it. Switch to a sweetener in you'r drink and avoid those extra calories (you can feel less bad about having a cookie then.)

7. Healthy treats - I know it's all well and good to say "swap that chocolate bar for an apple" but in reality, if you're me, you will eat the chocolate bar. So instead of giving yourself a disappointing alternative, create some snacks for yourself that will satisfy your craving while not leave you feeling guilty. (Examples: Chocolate covered strawberries - 5 for under 100 calories, a homemade double fudge banana muffin (recipe here) for just 100 calories, a bag of  sweet and salty Propercorn popcorn -129 calories).

8. Fully tummy, empty basket - I know it can be hard to resist the sweet treats when you go food shopping as they are right there in front of you so go shopping when your full, that way you won't be tempted into buying things you may later regret and will just get the foods you need.


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