Tuesday, January 6

Over the knee

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful start to the New Year. I got stuck at a pub in the middle of nowhere til 4.30 in the morning, so all in all, my start to the New year wasn't too bad. I thought I would start the year with something that has been a post idea for a while now, but a new favourite in my life has inspired me to share this with you.

This months Vogue, featured an array of beautiful things as it always does, including my favourite Natalie Westling looking stunning as always wearing Mui Mui. I don't know if you saw it but what got me about that shoot, (other than the fact that Natalie Westling is a goddess) is the shoes. The stunning orangey-red, tie up sandals that were creeping up her legs, and creeping straight into my heart. In spirit of these wonderful shoes this post is all about the knee high, be it sandal or boot, because this is a trend that will be following well into this new year.

Here's my little collection of over - knee essentials that should set you up well for the year. There's a mix of all price ranges here so hopefully you will find something to fit you.  Enjoy!

Mui Mui - £700
Of course where it all begins, the little suede beauties, this time in ultramarine blue. Not sure which I prefer yet, orange or blue. What do you think?

Debenhams - £42

Debenhams - £42

I am in love with these ones, the combination of the sleek design, rich colour and finesse of the buckle I think they are gorgeous. And at £42 that is a bargain!

Jimmy Choo - £980

These beauties have been Kayture approved as being extremely comfy, so they have got to be good!

ecrater - £57

Platino - £26

I think the innovative design of these is really gorgeous, unfortunately a bit out of my price range though, so I found a budget version for those of you who share my problem.  In my opinion not quite as nice but at £36 they are still an incredible buy!

Ebay - £36

Well, there we have it my over the knee faves so far this year,  I hope you liked them. Don't forget to follow on Bloglovin' and hope your year has been good to you so far!


  1. Это очень интересно! Супер!

  2. Gorgeous selection!



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