Friday, January 30

January Wish List

Hey everyone, 

This January I have been addicted to online shopping. Not only have I order clothes twice this month already but I still have way way more that I want. I just can't stop! Now I know what you're thinking "a wishlist from one shop?" but it's not that I don't want things from anywhere else, it's that I want too much from everywhere else and so in order to show you guys I had to cut it down. (That shows you the magnitude of the problem!)

Although I am speaking like it's just me, seen as though you are reading a fashion blog I don't doubt that you too are addicted to the world of online shopping. (Am I right?) So in order to satisfy your cravings and save trawling the internet (I make it sound like a chore, which we all know it definitely isn't) I have created my January Wish List, specifically from Urban Outfitters, to give you some inspiration and encourage you to shop yourself (although I'm sure you don't need the encouragement!) A lot of this stuff is still super cosy because, I don't know about where you are, but where I am it is still freezing, so if you're in the same boat then this wishlist has all the jumpers and cardigans needed to keep you warm, toasty and looking good.


Urban Outfitters

Monday, January 26


Hey guys,

Today is showcasing one of my favourite new tops, which my dad bought me for Christmas. It's always risky buying other people clothes but he did very well and I am in love with this top. Although I love it it's not the warmest so just paired it with a black cardigan so as to not over throw the top and paired them with black skinnies because I am addicted to black skinny jeans (as you will come to see) and it framed the top nicely and chunky heels are still a must in my book and plan to be buying more soon. I went natural for this shoot and did it at my house because (this will sound weird) we have some nice walls around my house and I like to contrast to the surroundings.

Hope you enjoy.


Saturday, January 24

Now you see me

Hey everyone,

This post is all about showing you me, in my daily outfit. As mentioned yesterday this post was so much fun just trying things out with my talented photographer and friend Thomas Reeves and just having some fun to finally give you guys a post that is me. This blog is all about me sharing with you my life, my tastes, my outfits so I hope you enjoy this new type of post. I would love to get your feedback so let me know what you think in the comments section and subscribe to all of the social media pages to keep up to date :)


Friday, January 23

Sneek Peek

Hello everyone,

As you may know I have been saying for months that I will post outfit inspiration that is actually me in my daily life and outfits, so now the time has come for me to live up to this promise. Tomorrow morning I will be posting my first outfit of me, so come back tomorrow to see the full post. For now here is a little sneak peek from Look Book.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!


Saturday, January 17

That time of year - Part 2

Hello there,

As promised in yesterdays post part 2 is here, and is all about the combination of winter and summer, to start that transition between winter and spring.  This time of year is always manic so I am here to give you some outfit inspiration so that you have one less thing to do and share with you a few things which I cannot wait to get in my wardrobe. I have included the prices of all of the outfits so you can easy check your budget, and if your like me and your budget is low then you'll be pleased to know that all of the outfits are less than £65 so you can shop away without feeling guilty.



Friday, January 16

That time of year

Hey everyone,

I don't know about you, but for me it is getting to that time of year where I want to start dusting off my summer stuff  and toning up that unwanted mincepie squidgyness, but at the same time need the warmth of the cardigans (yes, I love cardigans) and the comfort of winter food. It is always tricky to dress for this time of year because your brain is out of Christmas mode, no doubt on some new healthy eating and exercise regime, and just waiting for the weather to warm up so you can show the new healthy you. Or at least the same you that is trying to be healthy but failing, if your anything like me.

So in aid of this tricky time of year I have created a 2 part guide:


Tuesday, January 6

Over the knee

Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful start to the New Year. I got stuck at a pub in the middle of nowhere til 4.30 in the morning, so all in all, my start to the New year wasn't too bad. I thought I would start the year with something that has been a post idea for a while now, but a new favourite in my life has inspired me to share this with you.

This months Vogue, featured an array of beautiful things as it always does, including my favourite Natalie Westling looking stunning as always wearing Mui Mui. I don't know if you saw it but what got me about that shoot, (other than the fact that Natalie Westling is a goddess) is the shoes. The stunning orangey-red, tie up sandals that were creeping up her legs, and creeping straight into my heart. In spirit of these wonderful shoes this post is all about the knee high, be it sandal or boot, because this is a trend that will be following well into this new year.

Here's my little collection of over - knee essentials that should set you up well for the year. There's a mix of all price ranges here so hopefully you will find something to fit you.  Enjoy!

Mui Mui - £700
Of course where it all begins, the little suede beauties, this time in ultramarine blue. Not sure which I prefer yet, orange or blue. What do you think?
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