Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas!! [Winner Announced]

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas day filled with everything you want it to be. Just a short post today to show you a few instapics of my Christmas morning so far, including the cutest onesie ever, my present to my dad of him, my brother and me on the beach in St Lucia, and champagne for breakfast. I wish you a very merry christmas, and an extra special christmas shoutout to the winner of our Eco-friendly Christmas Giveaway!


Monday, December 21

Young, Strong, And Major Girl Crushes

Happy Monday everyone,

Today I wanted to focus on what can surely be describes as a universal love of  the power girl. With so many people in the media presenting a bad image for young women I want to celebrate the ending of 2015 with some young, inspirational women that are not only stunningly beautiful but shown they are strong as hell. So these are my top 3 major girl crushes for 2015.

Lily Rose Depp

You may already have see on my Twitter that she is a major girl crush of mine. I mean with a father like Johnny Depp you would expect greatness and boy, oh boy does she deliver. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but recently took a brave move, especially for a 16 year old, to come out a sexually fluid. If you don't know what that means, it means that she falls somewhere on the LGBTQA spectrum. Although she hasn't clarified where on the spectrum she falls I don't think it matters. She is extremely strong and totally gorgeous and someone you should definitely follow on instagram @lilyrose_depp.


Monday, December 14

The Best Unconventional Festive Frocks

With Christmas and New Years being right around the corner, the parties are coming and if (like me) you haven't bought an outfit yet, then never fear I have you covered. But before I show you some gorgeous dresses I want to explain my reason for leaving the party dress shopping this late. .

It is a combination of the fact that a) I haven't had anytime, which I am sure many of you can relate too, and b) there has been nothing grabbing me. I feel like the Christmas party dress selections are becoming more and more predictable and I for one am boooooored of it. But luckily Nasty Gal is here to save the day as always, calling to my needs, so I have chosen some gorgeous outfits to show you that don't scream conventional christmas party dress, but will add a little heat to your winter festivities. 

Click to shop



Monday, December 7

Eco-friendly Xmas Beauty Hamper Giveaway

Hey guys,

We are into the Christmas countdown now so I am excited to announce my eco-friendly christmas giveaway! All the products come from a fantastic little shop called Green Charm and are worth over £50 so it's definitely worth a go.

Here are the products that it contains:


All you have to do is like The Brooke Of Fashion on Instagram and Twitter, and if you want more chances to win there are other ways to gain more entries, to give you a greater chance of winning.

Eco Friendly Christmas Giveaway

Good Luck!



Saturday, November 28

The Best Of Black Friday Weekend

Hey Guys,

So Black Friday has technically been, but some of us (myself included) may not have had chance to enter into the sale madness on the actual day itself. Be it work commitments or paydays being on saturday there are many reasons that you may not have had chance to engage in some sale shopping, but don't worry I have you covered. There are lots of stores that offer the full weekend of sales and I have hand-picked a few of the best sales from my favourite stores, including a few of my favourite items because . . . well I wanted to shop a bit too.



The favourite shop of many people ASOS are doing Black Friday well and offering 20% off everything all weekend (ending Monday at 8am) with promo code CYBER.

£18 // £25 // £20 
Outfit total including discount = £50


Boohoo have outdone themselves this year and are offering a 50% sale off everything not just on Black Friday but until midnight on Monday, so if you don't have time over the weekend you don't have to worry. 

£14 // £25 // £25 
Outfit total including discount = £32

Free People

Free People is probably my favourite shop in terms of style, but I don't buy from them an awful lot as most of what I want is out of my price range, so when they have a sale I am more than interested! They are offering 50% off discounts on their most popular styles, again all the way through til Monday. 

 £54 // £79 // £34

 £64 // £74 // £74


Saving the best til last Misguided have so much going on you wont know which way is up. To start they are giving 20% of everything using code CYBER20, which is pretty good in itself. Then they have different sale deals going on at different times of the day - below is what has happened so far today.

7am - 9am - 30% off everything.
9am - 12am - 50% off accessories 
12am - 3pm - Enter to win a years supply of clothes. (I hope you entered.)
3pm - 6pm - £20 boots
6pm - 9pm - £10 Dresses
9pm - 12pm - 50% Lace and Sparkle (I know, it's incredible, go now.)

More deals will be dropping at, 6pm, and 9pm so make sure you check back

 £35 // £18 // £25 
Outfit Total including discount = £62

Thank you for reading and happy shopping!




Monday, November 23

Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday everyone,

Today I thought I would show you some outfit inspiration, because lets be honest, you can never have enough! I unfortunately have got my first illness of the joyous cold winter we're apparently having, and have been in bed for two days which I must admit is a love, hate scenario. Anyway . . . the outfits I have put together aren't exactly winter friendly but being cooped up in bed for 2 days doesn't make me want to be, so I am looking to better and sunnier times (which I'm excited to say are on the horizon very soon.)



Missing summer - Yoins

Smart Chic

Thanks for reading and stay up to date for upcoming giveaways!




Tuesday, November 17


Hey Guys,

As you may know I have recently joined the Disorder Magazine team and am very pleased to say that my first article went up this week. In tribute to this I wanted to tell (and show) you the hub of music and fashion culture that is Disorder.

So . . . . What is Disorder? Disorder is a fashion and music magazine, focusing on what is on the streets. Now don’t get me wrong I love magazines like Vogue (I have a subscription for gods sake) but unlike Vogue, and similar magazines Disorder has an edge, and it is this edge and love for the unconventional that is so captivating and inherently moreish. I could sit and read them for hours (and yes I have done that) as each page is filled with more quality content. Be it interviews with up and coming bands, quality editorials, or simply the street style section, which I must admit is my highlight every time, it is a real page-turner that you don’t want to end.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to end! Disorder’s website offers all the latest articles, and more quality content that you won’t even find in the issues (including my article, just saying) so I highly recommend a look. 

My first article is about a fantastic fashion illustrator and good friend of mine Mirabelle Taylor-Cummings. She is exceptionally talented and has such a unique style as you will witness below and I definitely recommend checking out the article to see more of her wonderful work.

Thank you for reading



Monday, October 26

Mad Hatter Make-up Tutorial

Hey guys,

I am continuing the halloween theme with another make-up tutorial today, also Alice and Wonderland, however this time it is the Mad Hatter that we will be focusing on. This video is my first Youtube video, as I have just launched my channel so if you could go and subscribe that would be fab. I will be posting lookbooks,  more make-up tutorials and much more so if that sounds like your sort of thing then head on over here.

Anyway . . back to the video. This is my take on the Mad Hatter.

Let me know what you think!


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