Wednesday, September 24

My favourites

Morning everyone, it's Wednesday, which normally means Inspiration Wednesday! 
However this morning I though I would mix things up a bit and show you a few of my personal favourite looks (in prep for you actyully seeing some of mine!) Im sorry foer the lack of posting, life is pretty crazy with trying to juggle A Levels, blogging, designing and having a social life, but I swear as soon as I have some free time I will do some proper posts including pics of my acual outfits as my camrea is working again. Hope you like what I've got for you today. 


Saturday, September 20

Don't want to let go of summer? Me neither!

As much as we'd all like to pretend it's not happening, Autumn is coming. There's a slight chill in the air and it's this sort of time which ponders the question of "what do I wear today?". It's not quite warm and it's not quite cold, what do you do? Well, there are a few ways to keep summer alive but with an autumn twist. Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, September 13

Leather: Preparation

Hi everyone! 

With Autumn around the corner I thought I would do post on something which I think is a must-have, and that I believe we will be seeing a lot more of in the near future. 

Leather (that does include faux). I think it is something which can instantly change a look and to me is one of the luxuries of the fashion world. I have tried to include something for everyone in this post, so whatever your style or budget here are some perfect leather pieces for this autumn.  


Wednesday, September 10

Inspiration Wednesday

Hey everyone, my deepest apologies for not putting up last weeks inspiration Wednesday, 1st week back so things were pretty crazy. I have included few final summer ones to enjoy the last few days of the nice weather, as well as a couple warmer ones.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the lot that I have for this week :)


Wednesday, September 3

Little black dress re-invented

This post is dedicated to one of the most iconic pieces of fashion in history, and one everyone should have in their wardrobe - the little black dress. There have been many classic over the years from from Christian Dior to Coco Chanel they have all been masterpieces. The classic dress has come in many forms over the years so I though I would remind you of the roots of this beautiful creation we all take for granted, and show you a new snip which I love. Enjoy!

Model in sheer black dress

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