Wednesday, December 24

LBD - On a Budget

I don't know about you, but there are many points throughout the year to which I have sit myself down and remind myself, "You don't have the money to buy that." The Christmas period is the worst for it, it's the Christmas shopping! I was wandering around doing my prezzie shopping the other day, and it was going well, until I walked past H&M and saw the most gorgeous jumper, and then I had that conscience battle: "I want it!" - "That money is for other peoples presents!" In the end, the angel on my shoulder won and I went home jumperless. Now though,  because all my Christmas shopping is done, and I have the tiniest amount of money left, I though I would find myself a LBD for the winter season , but on a budget. This also creating the first post of my new range "On a Budget" in which I will be posting outfit inspiration and trend updates but on a budget (for people like me who need to save their very minimal amount of cash.) so this will

Anyway, so I hope you like my selection of LBD's, there's some conventional, and some unconventional designs, because this is such a classic item, and one that most of you probably already have at home, so thought I'd share with you a few twists on the classic, ones that you won't already have in your wardrobe, and some ones that maybe you'll want to have. And as this is my last post before Christmas, I wish you all the best Christmas and an amazing New Year!

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Thursday, December 18

Gift guide: The Men

Hey guys,

As promised here is a gift guide for the men. Sorry it has taken so long, had a lot to do this week, had to revise for my theory test. I passed so all worth it! And as you probably all know, buying for men is so difficult, but here we go hope you like the selection, and hope it helps.


Saturday, December 13

Gift guide: The Women

Hi everyone,

Now if your as unorganized as me you will be starting to think "Oh crap, I need to start present shopping!" so this post is dedicated to us. The late-comers, the indecisive pressie shopper, or the people that just haven't had time, I am with you and luckily I have trawled the internet in search of prezzies for the whole family, of course, on a budget. This post is just the women, will be posting again in a couple days with gifts for the men, so stay tuned!

Hope you like them :)


Wednesday, December 10

Inspiration Wednesday

Hey everyone,

It is getting to that time of year when we have to start thinking about X-mas / New years party dresses (Ok, we don't have to but, its an excuse to shop right?) I was searching for the prefect dress for New years and thought I would share with you a few of my finds that I particularly loved to inspire you for your Wednesday.

Hope you like them.

I would love to see your winter party dress choices for this year so send in a pic and I will put up my favourites.


Thursday, December 4

Inspiration Wednesday

Here we are again on inspiration Wednesday. Here are my outfit suggestions to perk up your mid - week. Enjoy!


Inspiration Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This morning I wanted to share with you a few different looks using the very simple item of dungarees (or overalls, however you want to say it.)

It's another short one due to the high levels of work that I am being crushed by at the moment, nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, December 3

Inspiration Wednesday

Hi everyone!

It's inspiration Wednesday, so this week I will just be sharing with you a few of my new favourites. I (like most of you probably) took Black Friday as an opportunity to X-mas shop (for myself.) Therefore, today I want to share with you a few things I bought and a few things which I loved, but were out of stock *cries into pillow*.

Hope you enjoy!

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