Sunday, November 16

Bermuda Triangle

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in ages but as you may know I have been in the wonderful country of Bermuda. Although I got back on Wednesday I have been in a manaic rush travelling to and from London (3 times in 4 days) but now I am home and have some time to sit down and enjoy being home. Saying that I dont have the right to relax to much as I had the best time of my life, didn't realise hw much I needed a break but feel so much better now. I feel like I can handle all the stress of the crazy amount of work I have (especially since the 2 weeks of no work I have to catch up on) so much better, and feel generally happier.

Now as promised I am about to share with you some pictures from my holiday, you may have already spotted a couple on my instagram feed but here are a whole bunch to sow you firstly how incredibly beautiful Bermuda is and the wonderful time that I had. This trip meant a lot to me because Bermuda is my favourite place in the world (even including my bed!) so going with my boyfriend and him loving it just as much as me was so special - and of course spending some time with my wonderful family was incredible to.

So this is where we stayed, at a resort called Cambridge Beaches, absolutely stunning views from everywhere (as shown below) and had such a big breakfast every morning so have definitely put on about 3 stone.

The quickest way to get around the island is the ferry so had a few trips on that to visit other parts such as Hamilton and St George's.

Houses on their own separate little islands

On the way to Hamilton we spotted a boat in the dockyard, it was massive so everyone on the boat was intrigued.

Turned out to be the Eclipse, the second biggest yacht in the world, it was incredible!

Visited the glass works and got to see them making some heart shaped earrings. Then bought some!
 Now just a few randoms to show you other things on the island that I loved.

A very shiny face due to it being so hot in the day so not wearing any make up.

Cheeky selfie before we went out.

My two favourite guys

And finally I want to show the ice cream parlour that I raved about before I went, it was just as good as I remembered.

I had a Milky way which in case you cant see in the picture is ice cream (I chose caramel swirl) topped with hot butterscotch and hot fudge. 

Yes it was as good as it sounds!

So that was my holiday, I definitley recommend that if you have the chance you go to Bermuda because it is by far the best place on earth, the people are delightful (literally everywhere you go everyone says hello to you, it so uplifting), the views are incredible, and its so peaceful. It feels like a second home to me even though I have only been there 3 times becasue the island just captivates you. 

Thanks for viewing and I will put up a fashion post very soon.




  1. Lovely photos Emily! There is currently snow on the ground in Canada, so I am definitely living vicariously through this post! Hope you are well :)


    1. Thanks ash, it was amazing. Oh that's awesome though we never go snow where I live! You too :)



  2. Wow these photos are so amazing!! Looks like you had such an awesome trip! :)

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