Thursday, October 2

Inspiration Wednesday

Hey everyone! Sorry that it has taken me sooooo long to post, A- level stuff again (I know I've used that excuse many times). I would say that I will be posting more regularly soon (which I really hope I have the time for) but realistically I am swamped with work and am now taking ANOTHER course added on so it's not looking likely for me to up the posts for a while. 

Anyways, it is inspiration Wednesday and as I said that I would show you what I wear, I couldn't wait any longer. Sorry about the poor quality photos my boyfriend isn't the greatest picture taker (between us), the next post will be much better, I swear!  

Nevertheless,  I hope you like it!

My necklace finally came!!!

As stated in my "My favourites" black skinnies are my daily essential.

Officially in love with it!

Super cheap!! Ebay


Can't remember had them for years so here's a similar one

The top unfortunately came from a market in Spain so cant help you there!



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