Wednesday, September 24

My favourites

Morning everyone, it's Wednesday, which normally means Inspiration Wednesday! 
However this morning I though I would mix things up a bit and show you a few of my personal favourite looks (in prep for you actyully seeing some of mine!) Im sorry foer the lack of posting, life is pretty crazy with trying to juggle A Levels, blogging, designing and having a social life, but I swear as soon as I have some free time I will do some proper posts including pics of my acual outfits as my camrea is working again. Hope you like what I've got for you today. 

Leather trousers <3

Porkpie hat <3

Black skinny jeans (my pretty much daily essential) <3

My new love and now cant live without! <3

Cannot WAIT for this to arrive (it's taking too long :'( )

Sorry its short but hopefully will see you soon (or moreover you'll see me soon!)

*I do not own any of these picture, the rights of them go to the owners*


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