Wednesday, August 20

Survival Pack - What would you choose?

If you had to choose 6 pairs of shoes to be your survival pack of shoes what would they be? Well, in the September '14 issue of Vogue they did a feature on the very question.
It is to showcase the collaboration between Olivia Palermo and Aquazzura's Edgardo Osorio to create 6 must have shoes. The friends dreamt up the idea of a "survival pack" of shoes using both their NYC and atelier backgrounds and influences. A very good combination it turns out as these beautiful creations are spectacular! From each individual shoe has it's own character, which I love about them. The suede and crystal shows even features a Victorian style crystal necklace which is attached on the back. If that doesn't say wow I don't know what does!

This exclusive collection will be sold at 12 store world wide and exclusively on and features 6 essential styles that every woman should own - a jewelled sandal, an ankle boot, a heeled pump, a simple strappy sandal, and a thigh-high boot.

Olivia Palermo SHoes-4

Suede boots - £575
Olivia Palermo SHoes
Suede bots - £495
Olivia Palermo SHoes-2
Suede and leather courts - £455
Olivia Palermo SHoes-5
Leather sandals - £495
Olivia Palermo SHoes-3
Strappy sandal - £375
The jewelled sandal - £995

Now of course this level of excellence comes with a price tag, so here is my own "survival pack" which wont brake the bank.

Image 1 of ASOS HARROW Heeled Sandals
ASOS - £30
Topshop - £48

Wish - £41
Wish - £34
Wish - £13
Image 1 of River Island IDA Patent Lace Up Ankle Boots

River Island - £38

Now I've shown you my own survival pack (as you can tell I like boots) show me yours. Comment below with your "survival pack" suggestions!


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