Saturday, August 30

Leather Jackets

On a fine Saturday evening like this I want to remind you of one of the humblest and most wearable pieces of fashion, to grace our catwalks and shop; and now its back. The leather jacket. In honestly, I'm not sure it ever really left in my head, but anyhow its back for A/W '14 and I'm going show you some great looks to team it with!


Sunday, August 24

Cosmic my heart

I like cosmic print clothing. I like it because it reminds me of how insignificant we are within the universe. We, as humans, have created this need to feel significant, because it is incomprehensible for us to know how insignificant we truly are. Many say the big question is what is the purpose of life? - The truth? There isn't one. We are here because we are here. We have no purpose. For many this is a sad truth. But for me, not so much. It just means we have to create our own purpose. That is why  like to express this unimaginable galaxy through an asset I have chosen to make the purpose of my life - fashion.


Thursday, August 21

Unique Little Finds

I love finding little quirky items that represent my true interests. I think that fashion is a massive part of showing who you are, and expressing yourself which is why I love trolling through the internet to find special unique little items that really show me. Here are some of my new ones that I love. Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, August 20

Survival Pack - What would you choose?

If you had to choose 6 pairs of shoes to be your survival pack of shoes what would they be? Well, in the September '14 issue of Vogue they did a feature on the very question.
It is to showcase the collaboration between Olivia Palermo and Aquazzura's Edgardo Osorio to create 6 must have shoes. The friends dreamt up the idea of a "survival pack" of shoes using both their NYC and atelier backgrounds and influences. A very good combination it turns out as these beautiful creations are spectacular! From each individual shoe has it's own character, which I love about them. The suede and crystal shows even features a Victorian style crystal necklace which is attached on the back. If that doesn't say wow I don't know what does!

This exclusive collection will be sold at 12 store world wide and exclusively on and features 6 essential styles that every woman should own - a jewelled sandal, an ankle boot, a heeled pump, a simple strappy sandal, and a thigh-high boot.

Olivia Palermo SHoes-4

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